End of Resistance to Climate Crisis – imposed on tourist accommodation customers

The three-day excursions that will settle in hotels, rentals and properties of the Airbnb type will see at the charge of their room a “resistance to climate crisis”, according to ertnews.gr. The fee replaced the residence tax and was imposed from the first January per day use and per room or apartment. It will reach up to 10 euros from March to October while the remaining months will not exceed 4 euros. In the “coupon” of resources to address the impact of the climate crisis, the amounts from the End of Durability will flow. The fee is paid by tourist accommodation customers, attributed to the IRS by unit owners and came to succeed the residence tax, “inflating” however the final cost per night for spring, summer and autumn. The Durability Fee for the period from early March to the end of October is increased. At the hotels of one or two stars starts from 1.5 euros per room and night (from 50 minutes) and increases gradually reaching 5 stars up to 10 euros from 4. In rooms and apartments the charge is 1.5 euros/night while at 10 euros/night it rises to the furnished villas. An End of Durability of EUR 1.5 is first imposed on short-term rental properties. It even goes up to 10 euros/night for single houses over 80 square meters. “The difference in room price is not great although percentages are great. We have not increased our prices but the tax works relatively independently of us,” says Panayiotis Moratis President of the Association of Nafplion Hotels. As Dimitris Diamantopoulos, President of the Achaia Hotel Association, points out, “the tax is horizontal, it means a night in accommodation with 70 – 80 euros per night, and at 4* to 200 euros an evening also 7 euros. There will be a problem in accommodations at the lowest prices,” he notes. On his part, Nasos Gavalas, Chairman of the Association of Companies for the Management of Real Estate Short-time Hire reports: “The market seems to be able to support it. Visitors abroad have not been informed about this, Greeks are informed, there was a problem with the preconceptions made in ’23 before it was voted. We real estate owners absorbed it.” It is noted that from November to February of each year, however, the amounts “discharge” at the low levels of the Accommodation Tax. AADE has already activated a new digital application to submit the monthly returns of the new fee.

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