End of an era. Closes, and the Louis Vuitton Thessaloniki

A few years ago. The street proxenou Koromila street in Thessaloniki, it turns into…
Monte Ναπολεόνε of Milan. One after another the well known fashion houses opened stores there. The road has been long lost its lustre as μπαρόδρομος that was in the eighties and due to the shape of the swell, close to the sea, is the ideal place to host the flagships of the great signature fashion.
On Saturdays you can’t spend. Luxury cars down ladies with style of many cardinals, drivers carry in port then packages and bags, stinking, filthy rich from the neighbouring Bulgaria εκδράμουν shopping.
The Close Up, the shimmering paper of the local life style has special cosmic inserts. Special editions called Gala and describe the secular life of the city. On the cover is often dense, with the requirement of the same, the wife of the publisher Alekos Bakatselou, president of Affection posing with the same smile. In the studio of the magazine works very photoshop. Everything has to be perfect.
In the city there are some very expensive restaurants. The prices are reminiscent of, depending on resto of Milan or Paris. The affordable prices launches at the Teloglion molecular cuisine. Big dishes containing a little bird poop that explodes on the palate. Shouts of joy are heard in the hall.
The eve of new year’s eve they don’t have anything to envy from those of new York. In the party you come in with an invitation printed πενταχρωμία in gold paper, and the prices are up to € 250. In the well-known salons of the city, Yianni and Nestor do you need a reservation a month ago for the holidays and the make up artist Maria Παγωνάκη is the most desirable person in every home.
The dance of Affection Fanny Katsou, owner of Fena, gold sponsor of the cutting of the pie offers the check’s always in a huge growth for the amount across the room. The Panorama runs anymore to any slope finds free space, and the houses μοσχολουλιούνται like hot bread. In London prices. The flight with Swiss to Zurich it’s always packed.
On proxenou Koromila street and back in those days. The store that makes the greatest success is that of Lοuis Vuitton. The most desirable bags logomania are a target not only for the named ladies and gentlemen, but also for the crowds that regardless of the repayment of loading their credit cards with infinite doses is sufficient to move the well-known golden κλειδαρίτσα on the shoulder or a broken wrist. The store is the most successful in sales in south-Eastern Europe. Two hundred seventy square meters and Saturdays, expect the queue to help yourself. To καταξιωθείς with a bag.
February 2015. Announced that the store Lοuis Vuitton in Thessaloniki is closing. A long time is the loneliness of the seller. You have got to Βalenciaga, Escada, Burberry, Lakis Circle, o Designs.
The city is running out of the myth. A month before the closure of the Messenger brought, and the shock of the myth of the issuer. The last few Sundays, for eight months unpaid employees of the newspaper and Close Up go out of the house of the publisher and his wife Τίμης Bakatselou and protesting, holding banners with the brilliant photos of the family. Asking for their wages. Fortunately they stayed the significant donations of Affection such as Hematology Center that was built in the general hospital C. PAPANIKOLAOU
Mrs. Fanny Katsou gold sponsor of the Affection has been bankrupt a long time ago. November happened, and the process claims. At the courthouse there is a closet full of hundreds of folders with creditors of which they expect but will never get even one euro.
The restaurants of this category have almost disappeared, the party of the new year I don’t have the same glow for a long time, many famous families of the city took the hammer houses a Panorama of St. Athanasius, or of Halkidiki. Buyers are no longer nouveau-riche Russians and Balkan.
In the parking lot of the centre are parked, without plates, expensive cars that have been left there by the owners for a long time. No longer have to pay not the parking lot.
The credit cards that swelled for years have been cancelled now. The girls who wrote the shining issues of the magazines have changed their job. Or don’t have a job. The illusion is over. Short. As abruptly it started. When all, or anyway most of them believed, that this country was born to become the Switzerland of the South. The truth is, I’ve seen a lot of movies I guess. Or just we have been gullible. Money easy come, easy go. This.