Elon Musk declares neutral and will not financially support Biden and Trump campaigns

The billionaire made it clear that he will not financially support his campaign, nor Joe Biden in the face of the November U.S. election. As it had made Bloomberg known Donald Trump met with Elon a few days ago Mask with the second richest man in the world wanting to put things back. So in posting him on twitter Elon Musk said: “To be perfectly clear: I don’t donate money to either candidate for the US presidency.” Earlier today Wednesday (06/03/2024), Nikki Haley announced she was leaving the Republican nomination race. Therefore, in the November presidential election 81-year-old Democrat Joe Biden and 77-year-old Republican Donald Trump will duel. In 2022, prior to the interim election in the US, Elon Musk had urged American voters to vote for the Republican party to gain control of Congress. Eventually, the Republican Party secured the majority in the House of Representatives, while President Biden’s Democrats kept the Senate under their control.

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