Elias Valasis: My mother left and my daughter came

What was shared by Natalia German in Alpha’s “Best Not done”. In both the last moments of his beloved mother and the first of his third child, Elias Valasis was mentioned, from a heart, when he met Natalia German on the set of the show. “Better not done” to Alpha. “This is a terrible story. Because I had my mother at home with the bad illness, we had a very difficult time. My wife and I wanted to have a third child, but we had no relationships. None. Because she was the mother at home, very sick and everything happened that, all those who are going through this, know” the actor first confessed. “By leaving my mother in Limnos, because at some point the end came and they told me ‘Send her to go to her island to leave there’, after a month we met my wife again. We were looking for another child and somehow, when things calmed down after a month, our souls also calmed down and happened. That same afternoon the doctor calls me from Lemnos and says “Ilia, your mother is gone” and my first thought was that she left and came the other”. “That’s what I thought, the terrible thing. After my mother was buried and many things happened, my wife and I never met again for over two months. So one day my wife comes and says, Elias, I am pregnant” said Elias Valasis in his new television interview.