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ELGA: allowances and grants amounting to 19.1 million


Allowances and state aid amounting to EUR 19.1 million will pay for damage to the ELGA animal and plant capital.

Real News – RSS Economy

Republican victories in the recent US mid-term elections have highlighted the growing dissatisfaction with the current government. RT spoke with Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich about the challenges the US is facing. “What we had was that Wall Street dictated a bailout. Wall Street dictated the terms of reforms. Wall Street was getting their banks taken care of and Main Street was losing jobs, income dropping, losing homes, and people are going to hold the party in power responsible – which is what they did, “Dennis Kucinich said. Kucinich said that the structure of the US economy just does not work anymore for an average working person. “The American economic system, when it comes to delivering food to the practical aspirations of Americans, is falling apart,” he said. “The economic system itself is the problem, and whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican in charge of it, look, it is a faulty vehicle right now.” Kucinich added, “America has to go through a restructuring, because frankly, the way the economy is set up right now, is against the working people, it is against the middle class.” He said that if Republicans and Democrats, the two major parties which have a responsibility to the American people, fail to deliver in the following two years – the tidal forces of voter anger are going to wash both parties out. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter: Video Rating: 4 / 5

Comedian & Activist Mark Thomas talks to Billy Bragg (co-founder of the Featured Artist Coalition) & Feargal Sharkey (head of UK Music) and discusses the challenges the music industry faces from illegal downloads and the potential impact of the UK Governments proposed Digital economy Bill. Video Rating: 4 / 5


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