Eleonora Zuganeli – Nikos Syrigos: In love at their evening out

The ultimate love they live or , who recently enjoyed at a night club in Athens. The pair Eleonora Zouganeli and Nikos Syrigos, undivided and dressed in black, had fun with his company, while on the way out of the store they posed in the photo lens. In recent times, both the singer, as well as the journalist, have been looking a lot more relaxed by viewing their media relationship. “When I entered the process of falling in love, I didn’t think, nor who I fell in love with, nor if she would have all this noise that has a love story between two people identified in the world,” Nikos Syrigos said on the show “The Break” The singer may still not talk about her personal, but her father, Giannis Zuganelis, has been asked several times about his daughter’s relationship with Nikos Syrigos with whom the two of them are known from the old… “Nikos Syrigos I have known him for many years, we have worked together. Now we’re closer to Eleanor. It makes it difficult,” Giannis Zouganelis had said.

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