Eleni Voulgarakis for Fotis Ioannidis: I am proud of him – He does not deserve to be judged for his personal life

Olympiacos – Panathinaikos (1-3) commented on his show… red-white, George Liaga, with the well-known presenter addressing his co-host, and casting humorous “pin” for her partner – and his striker “trifyll” – Fotis Ioannidis scored two goals in Panathinaikos’s big victory over Olympiacos (1-3), while a few hours later he posted a photo to wish his partner Eleni Voulgarakis a happy birthday. Having Eleni Voulgarakis on Monday (11.03.2024) on their show panel, George Liagas wanted to refer to the subject, express his bitterness for the heavy defeat of Olympiacos and also express his joy for the beautiful moments the couple are going through. “ I want to tell you something that I have been looking at you for so long. George Liagas told Eleni Voulgarakis with a sense of humor, with her responding: “It’s very heavy what you said” “It’s very heavy 3-1 in “Kariskakis”. You put it in. The two you put in” added the presenter and commented on the tender photograph that Fotis Ioannidis put on, expressing his joy that his colleague is well in her personal and professional affairs. “ I want to say something, because I don’t want to talk about it. I’m very proud of Light. I just want to be sparing, because the people following the teams, the same people who sent yesterday’s congratulations, themselves will be the ones to criticize and take the ball and me. Because Fotis does not deserve to be judged for his personal life, because he is a very serious athlete, he deserves to be judged only for the professional part. We are calm and this may help” Eleni Voulgarakis commented.