Eleni Menegakis for the “fall” Facebook and Instagram: “I didn’t notice”

Her not-so-intense relationship with social media revealed by . When yesterday (05.03.2024) they had “falled” worldwide and Instagram, the presenter did not understand anything until her domestic assistant informed her. And if Helen Menegaki was not touched by the “fall” of Facebook and his, it was not the same as her partner, Dimitris Hungarianos. Wanting to hurt him, the presenter gracefully asked him what he did while he did not have access to his personal accounts. She even mentioned that she did not understand when the applications fell and was informed by her domestic assistant this morning. Referring to the incident, Eleni Menegakis said: “I didn’t realize social networks were down, told me today by the girl who helps us home”. Then he added: “I only thought of you today when I found out” and continued: “I didn’t notice and the girl who helps us home told me today. She says, “Mrs. Helen, know that Instagram and facebook are not playing”. I asked her “how do you know?” she replied, “she is company”.