Elena Raptis and Panos Vlachos ran to the Athens Half Marathon

The 12th Athens Semimarathon was transformed into a great celebration of asthlete with thousands of runners. Among them are branded roads, such as . Elena Raptis, Panos Vlachos and several surnames and not, they came down Sunday morning (10.03.2024) in the center of Athens for the Halfmarathon in order to travel the kilometers they had chosen. The games held were three: the Semimarathon at the distance of 21 km, the 5 km race as well as the Family Run, where children accompanied adults ran. Undersecretary of Tourism Elena Rapti, she wore her sports and ran along with her mother. Clearly cheerful, Helena Raptis participated in the race and even talked with citizens who came down to the center of Athens for the Half Marathon. The opening was given by the mayor of Athens, Harry Duke, the president of SEGAS, Sophia Sakorafa and the first vice president, Kostas Kenteris.

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