Elefsina: Bounces and swearings from 14 to her peer in front of their classmates

Wild was noted in when a 14-year-old struck and cursed her peer and even in front of their classmates who were filming. Out of school space in Elefsina, a 14-year-old punched and badly insulted an age-old woman. The beating was filmed on their cell phones by 2 juvenile classmates who witnessed the incident. In ERTNews’s video document, the 14-year-old has immobilized the other girl and pushed her onto a parked car. He then pulls her out of the hair and throws her with strength on the sidewalk where he starts hitting her with fury. The victim who receives the attack threatens the 14-year-old to alert the police. The student pays no attention and continues to violence against her classmate in front of the other children at the point. It is recalled that on March 25, reportedly, there was a conflict again, then between two different groups in the central square of Elefsina.

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