Election in Portugal in practice showed far-right jump

The centre-right Democratic Alliance (AD) may have won in the parliamentary elections held yesterday, Sunday (10/03/2024), in , but may form a government only with the support of the Chega party. According to the results so far, AD will not be able to form a stable government in itself. However, Luis Montenegro’s leader reiterated that he refuses to govern Portugal with the support of the far-right party, Chega which made great profits in yesterday’s election. As he nearly quadrupled his seats, winning at least 48. AD and its conservative allies in the autonomous region of Madeira gathered at least 79 seats, a few more than PS (77), in a total of 230 seats. The result of the elections in Portugal now demonstrates Europe’s turn to the far right, as the Reuters agency notes. Chega based its campaign on messages against the establishment, while committing to fight corruption and expressing its hostility towards “excessive”, as it described it, immigration. Party leader Andre Ventura told reporters yesterday that the election result “clearly shows that the Portuguese want an AD government with Chega”. Earlier he had pointed out that Montenegro would be responsible for any political instability in the country, if he continues to refuse to negotiate with his party. Earlier the leader of the Socialist Party (PS) Pedro Nuno Santos acknowledged the defeat of his party, which has been in power since 2015. He himself excluded the possibility of supporting AD’s proposals, which include major cuts in taxation. Santos stressed that his party would lead the opposition, which, as he said, cannot be left in Chega’s hands. For his part Modenegro expressed hope that PS and Chega “would not form a negative alliance to prevent the government that the Portuguese want.”