‘Economy – Business’: Today opens the platform for hotels and accommodation

Today Monday, March 11, the platform will open for the submission of requests to the program “ – Entrepreneur” especially for accommodation and accommodation, having a deadline on March 31. The program “Economy – Entrepreneur” is about improving the energy efficiency of existing businesses (hotels, accommodation) of all sizes – even individual – active in Greece, have Greek VAT, are active at the date of application and have been established by 31.12.2023. Beneficiaries shall be assisted for the purpose of installing energy efficient equipment. This includes, among other things, heating systems using heat pumps, solar heating systems, replacement of energy-intensive machinery and business equipment, etc. At the same time, costs relating to related services, e.g. transport, installation, customization of new equipment, energy control, etc. Small businesses can submit applications with a maximum budget of EUR 20,000, with the proportion of the corresponding aid being reduced to 50% of them, i.e. up to EUR 10,000. Medium and large enterprises can submit applications with a maximum budget of EUR 25,000, with the proportion of the corresponding aid reaching 40% of them, i.e. up to EUR 10,000. Applications for participation in the “Change device for businesses” are submitted via the program’s online platform. Note how the method of immediate evaluation (First in-First out) will be applied. The programme is implemented in the context of the “Economy – Business” action, supported by the Recovery and Durability Fund. The announcement of the “Change Device for Business” has been posted on the official website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and Greece 2.0. The terms and conditions for the participation of stakeholders in the programme had already been known from its pre-publication on the Environment and Energy Ministry’s website on 8/2/2024, with the aim of providing more time for those concerned to be informed and prepared their proposals.

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