‘Economy – Business’: The platform for hotels and accommodation opens Monday

On Monday (1.1.2024), the programme “Economy – Business” is opened specifically for accommodation and accommodation and will remain open until 31.3.2024. As noted in today’s announcement (8,3.2024) of the Chamber, the opening of the platform for hotels was announced by the Head of Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, G.Souris, at the 8th meeting of EUREM Alumni, held the day before yesterday by the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The central theme of this year’s meeting is the new European Energy Efficiency Directive and amendments to Regulation (EU) 2023/955, published in September 2023. During the relevant event, G. Souris also announced that within 2024 the Ministry of Environment and Energy is expected to publish the new version of the Energy Controls Guide, while G. Glynos, an executive of the energy efficiency department of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, was also mentioned in energy matters. It has also emerged from the dialogue that the Ministry has begun planning for the process of transposition into national law, in 2025, of EU Directive 1791/92/2023, on the basis of which, for undertakings responsible for energy audits, final use energy consumption criteria will be applied, while at the same time eliminating these economic criteria of turnover and number of employees. New seminars are being prepared It is noted that the meeting also gave the opportunity for a fruitful dialogue that offered two-way information, as well as the feedback of positions and proposals on energy-saving issues, with the assistance of EUREM graduates. At the end of the EUREM Alumni meeting, the head of this training in Greece, Alexandra Tavlaridou, informed participants of the news of the worldwide EURES network and the new series of three-day EUREMupdate seminars to be opened by the Greek-German Chamber in April, with a three-day intensive seminar on energy trading and the network. More information about EUREM education in Greece, as well as the application for participation, are posted on the website of the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce. Source: RES – ICM

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