EC: “Our game with Lamia and PAOK is the last to be played this year without the presence of spectators”

The team’s fans were informed that the away game with the Super League playoffs’ first match will be done without spectators. AEK informed that it had secured the opening of stands for its fans, but those who had purchased a ticket will not be able to be on the field. The yellow-black FC expressed, malsita, the wish that the game with Lamia, and PAOK-Ares will be the last to be held without spectators this year. In detail the announcement: “Friends of AEK Unfortunately, as has become known since the last decision of the IEAB, the playoffs process begins for us in our away match with Lamia tomorrow Sunday (10/3) on a stadium without fans. FC AEK expresses its disappointment at this development, as well as the fact that hundreds of our fans who have already purchased a ticket for the race will eventually not be able to be on the field. We must stress that in the last 24 hours huge efforts have been made by the parties involved in the organization of the struggle to avoid this very unpleasant development. However, for reasons beyond our capabilities, this has become impossible. We’ve been in touch with the FC all week. Lamia and we had secured the opening ramp to meet the needs of our fans who wanted to be on the field to watch the game closely and support our team. Since the stadium was open, there would be many AEK fans tomorrow, several of whom had already purchased their tickets electronically as mentioned above. We had made all the necessary contacts and understandings on the safety issues of the race, given our fans’ presence. We are now forced to ask our fans to respect the final decision and stay away from Lamia and the stadium where the game will take place. Those who supplied a ticket, follow home FC instructions to collect the price within the next 24 hours. We wish both our game and PAOK – Mars to be the last to be done this year without the presence of spectators in the stands.”