Easter – taste of the legalities: Tips to fight & not to miss out on it?

    With the cooperation of the Royal Βαγιώτας – Dietitian – Nutritionist
    The culinary gaffes have a leading role in all of our minds these festive days of Easter . How will you harness the…
    thoughts to protect the figure but also your Health? What you need to do in order to resist, but not deprived of it? • Shop selected. Bought from the supermarket only the bare essentials for the fridge, because whatever extra you get will eat 100%! You can have a few treats where you consume immediately after lunch, such as chocolate milk or a small piece of the chocolate egg, or 1 easter cookie. • Find healthier alternatives. You can instead of salty snacks rich in saturated fats, have nuts, fruits, halva semolina or Macedonian even 1 slice of brioche. • Drink a lot of water and juices, So you can avoid soft drinks and alcohol will add extra calories. • Consume frequent meals. When you have frequent meals in your daily diet, you feel satiety and thus prevent the desire for something else. • Start from the salad. Due to the fiber will have the feeling of satiety. • And when you go out for dinner or to a celebration? It’s simple! You don’t have to go completely νηστικής /laws. It is a mistake to avoid the consumption of food during the day in order to consume as much as you want the night out of the house. Approximately one hour before you eat a few nuts with a piece of fruit or 1 yogurt. • Small portions. As much as you see on the table the more you want to put on your plate. I’m not saying, you have to try everything, you can just put in a smaller amount. With a few words from all but a little! • Τσούγγρισε eggs freely, but how much you eat? It is advisable to follow the custom, but as you say, ‘Christ is Risen’, think that your next move is to give it to some little cousin of yours to eat it (so at least I do when I am in the beautiful city of Kozani and my relatives). One is enough for you to be able to try the other dishes will follow. • Move. Increase your physical activity by going for a walk to the shops or for a walk in the city or in the village! • Psychology has a big role in weight loss. You don’t have to live with the deprivation. This will make you lead υπερφαγικά episodes that you will later regret . As a dietitian – nutritionist so I suggest you don’t miss out on anything. Remember : No food by itself is not fattening, and no alone is not very slimming! What was consumed in moderation can make you fat and so you will not be deprived of anything, and this Easter!
    A Good Resurrection!