E.E.K.Crete: “Zero” payments for τρίτεκνο borrower with low income”

I will pay nothing “100% haircut”, τρίτεκνος borrower, by the Fates
Heraklion, who works with a contract of dependent work in A.E, in Heraklion, taking salary 579,60 € without residence(rented)but with other real estate assets (land parcels).So held the Court of Mires, Heraklion, exists.5/2016 decision, after the hearing of the lady’s request . Such borrower , had been charged in two Banks ,of a total amount of charging 17.740,03 euro.
On the merits of the case and in accordance with the notice of the Union for the Protection of Consumers of Crete, of which the such borrower is a member of and with the advice and guidance of which, he achieved membership of the law 3869/2010, and saw under the exists 5/2016απόφασης the relief and the exemption from the charge.
In particular, it is a borrower’s 32 years old, married, father of three minor children, wife unemployed ,
The property has been in ownership of the
Does not have housing, but only parcels with low market value.
The district Court Degree of Heraklion in Crete,having regard to the documents accompanying the request of the borrower, and what has been said and they stepped verbally from both the same and the attorney of this , rejected the objections and the objections of the Banks, which refused the request, claiming and asserting objections ,” relating to fraud, unacceptable, abusive exercise of the right of the applicant etc.p ” but the Court of the Degree, he decided in favour of the borrower, as it turns out deceit
“Haircut” of the total debt ,at 100% and review of the application in the year 2017 for any improved change in the financial “profile” of the borrower.
In conclusion: For the Union for the Protection of Consumers of Crete , the decision is considered to be very positive , on the basis of the economic situation, the crisis and the recession, which is now every citizen of this Country, and in this case gave the opportunity to the borrower who lives under the poverty line, (five-member family,to try to resume a new social and economic life free from the “worry ” of over-indebtedness.
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