DYPA: Only one in five chose “green” skills – A new program for 50,000 is coming

New training exclusively for “green” skills for 50,000 workers and unemployed is planned by the Public Employment Service ( ). According to what he said in an interview, the IUPA commander, Spyros Protopsaltis “we will open in March a new major training programme for “green” skills”. This programme will include 25 000 unemployed and 25 000 workers. We believe that we should place more emphasis on it.” Mr. Protopsaltis noted that “when we did an analysis of what those who chose training in the last year and a half chose, we saw that about 80% chose digital and 20% chose ‘green’. “This we want to balance,” he stressed and “it is important to invest more in the green economy. We’ll do a big action with 50,000 for the green economy, and we see. However, unused resources from the IPP will not be available. Every euro will be invested in the direction we are discussing, because that is what the country needs and it is not just our obligation, it is also a commitment to Europe.”

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