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“Dust” REGISTERS OF PENSIONERS … TO THE BRAVO say something that was considered SHOULD Self???

U.S. Grant Politics
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(Title) 8.500 pensioners in Greece is over 100 years, of which five hundred more than 110, according to the Ministry of Labour.

Checks beam at one third of these pensioners that the 321 have died and some continue to receive their retirement, or pension deposited into a bank account.

making clear the records of the retired Department of Labor expects to save around 100 million euros, while those receiving illegal syntax, the file will go to the prosecutor.

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McKinley “Continental” Portrait Paperweight, ca. 1896
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OTV: LOL: Episode 11: Part 2 / 8 November 1 2009 Antoinette Akiki, Patricia Nammour, Issam Braidy Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Lincoln, Hamlin, And Liberty” Portrait Ribbon, ca. 1860
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