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(Title) Kesatia and kiosks, viewing their revenues to decline month after month because of Multilayer tax increases on cigarettes, which constitute more than 50% of the total their turnover. The last six months, the turnover of the cigarette has fallen by 15% -20%, but even greater reduction in net revenues peripterouchon reaching even to 70%. Cause a massive shift of smokers to cheaper brands because they have much lower profit rates translated into lower net income for the kiosk, assisted by the increase in knowledge of the contraband. Due to the overall decline in consumption of around 10% in soft drinks, confectionery and snack-type products and phone cards, peripterouchoi refer to the first locks in their field. “Only 100 were closed in May 2157 from the stands in Athens, according to the president of the Association of Attica peripterouchon Plakopoules John,” without even having epanamisthothei as happened once, and not worthwhile any longer to get to work. A similar picture exists for the rest of Greece, where at the end of last year were about 40,000 booths.

The big problem however is the cigarette tax. The numbers speak for themselves, say peripterouchoi: at the end of 2009 an expensive package sold for 3.20 euros. The 2.34 million of these were taxes (73%) and the remaining 86 minutes to 52 minutes went to industry and 34 minutes shared on the network as follows: 8 minutes to the wholesaler and 26 minutes in the booth. The same packet now costs 3.80 euros (of which the tax is 3.21 euros, or 84.5%). Surplus 59 minutes, of which 36 are directed to industry and 23 shared between the wholesaler and the kiosk as follows: the first 10 minutes and 13 minutes in the second. So he has lost 50% of its revenue. But because the share of sales of expensive packages has fallen due to the shift of smokers to cheaper brands (for example the category of 3.20 million), many peripterouchoi earn even less. And if the package of 3.20 million profit for the kiosk was 25 minutes last year now due to rising taxes has fallen to … 9 minutes. The reduction is 64%.

Even such a stand in central Athens last year which has a daily turnover of around EUR 1,000 (the majority of Greece does not smaller collection). The tobacco products account for 55% of turnover, followed by soft drinks, confectionery, snacks and 25%, followed by the press and calling cards with 10% each category (design company Consulting). Cigarettes last year generated revenues of EUR 550, the category of soft drinks, confectionery 250 euros and 100 euros gave the press and telephone cards. Before opening the increases in December 2009, the gross profit rate for cigarettes was 8%, but now has dropped between 1.7% and 3.5%. As a result, then the kiosk received clearly in the pocket of 44 euros on sales of cigarettes, compared to just … 12 million today. Since income from other categories are she declined, the total gross profits of the kiosk, from about 118 euros a day last year, have fallen to 78 million. On a monthly basis, the ratio is 3555 euros last year, compared with 2.352 million today.

Subtracting the amounts of these costs has this stand (rent, council tax, operating, electricity, telephone) which count to 1750 euros a month (not include insurance fee for OAEE) means that at the end of 2009 left 1,800 euros, compared with only … 600 million today. And since this booth, like the vast majority of working 18 hours a day, that income is not one person but two, says Plakopoules.

There are few, therefore, those who are considering whether to close the stand either to rent to someone who wants to work more hours to pull a better game. “They have many people feeling” – says the ‘Money’ a-kiosk “that stands earn much money. It is wrong assessment, because in order to get some decent wages will have to work long hours while you have the chance to stand you be positioned such that it is moving. Otherwise, the danger can not remove or your expenses. And if indeed this is the case, then peripterouchoi expected to spend even more difficult time because for a few days is mandatory and kiosks operate cash register, and issue receipts.

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