Don’T throw it back in the trash anything of the following

There are a few things that you can fly fearlessly in the trash and…
a few other that are forbidden by bat to fly. See what they are and don’t ξαναπετάξετε ever.
Batteries the truth is that The batteries are so small that it is very easy to fly one on a whim. Don’t do it in any case. Batteries contain metals, such as zinc, nickel and cadmium, which means that should not be thrown away with other rubbish even with the ones that are for recycling. On the contrary, you can contact the company Άφης A.E. which takes special boxes placed in various stores in the recycling of all batteries. In the company’s site you can see who is the closest to you bucket battery recycling, to collect all the batteries and throw it all together.
Electronic devices do Not dispose of old electronic devices in the trash. Tvs, dvd players, laptop and printers it is good to be recycled. This is exactly what makes the company Appliances Recycling.E., which is the body responsible for the organisation and functioning of the Collective System of Alternative Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece.
Bulbs fluorescent (CFL) These bulbs over is very effective and very good for the environment. However contain a bit of mercury which means that they are not safe to be discarded along with the rest of the garbage. These lamps economy should be placed in the designated recycling bins in contracted municipalities and partner retail stores. The company that recycles the Φωτοκύκλωση A.E.
Smoke detectors These devices protect you and your family from the fire but should be replaced approximately every 10 years. The detectors ionization smoke and emit a small radiation rate, and so should be returned to the manufacturer, once you have removed the batteries. On the other hand, photoelectric detectors can be recycled as the rest of the electronic devices.
Paint The paints which have as their base the water can be disposed of normally in the trash. On the contrary, the paints based on the oil containing chemical substances that must be recycled properly.