Don’t start humming – next episode: Elias decides to meet his daughter in Tula

Spartans the… new adventures of heroes in the series “Don’t start murmuring”. What we’ll see in the new episode, aired this Sunday, March 10 at 20:00. Zoe doesn’t want her parents to meet Fanny, Toula broke up with Vasilakis, Xenia has an obsessive admirer and Zuzu is not liked by everyone… Don’t start humming: Sunday, March 10th, 20:00 Life waits for her parents from Nafplio and tries to find a way not to meet with Fanny… Minas’ brother-in-laws are in position. Others welcome his relationship with Zuzu and others do not. And then the brother-in-laws, it follows the village divided into followers and haters. But the big surprise is Lilika… An obsessive fan who has fallen in love with the voice of Stranger makes her worry and want to take action against him. But when they know each other, things are overturned. Elias learns from Tula that she broke up with Vasilakis and takes courage, but he did not expect Tula to confess her love for him, but many years ago… Fanis wants to offer Life “piccantika” experiences, Minas is between Zuzou and Lilika, Elias decides to meet his daughter in Tula and Babis and Xenia visit a psychologist… Fanis thinks that Life likes “spicy” sex toys and Kanatis tries to initiate him into this world, to offer Life the experience he wants. Lilika (Natasha Asiki), vertically negative in the hatched relationship Mina-Zuzus, makes her appearance with very wild moods. But Zuzu doesn’t give away chestnuts. And Minas in the middle… A visit by Babi and Xenonia to a well-known psychologist gives rise to hopes for future collaboration with Sophia. But a gift overturns everything… Elias decides to bring Melina (Anasia Papadimitriou) for the first time to Arta. But she’s worried if she’ll like Tula. Screenplay: Elena Solomos, Giannis Diakakis, Sarah Ganotis, Nikos Stavrakoudis. Directed by Dionysis Ferentinos, Thanasis Angelopoulos – Xanthopoulos. The stars are: Antonis Antoniou, Vladimiros Kyriakidis, Spyros Cekuras, Anna Koutsaftiki, Maria Katsandri, Virgina Choroszidou, Henrietta Manouri, Stathis Koikas, Tolis Papadimitriou, Kostas Baras, Constantina Linardatos. Based on the Escenas de Matrimonium series of MEDIASET ESPANA & YOUMORETV (distributed by Mediterraneo). Production: GREEN PIXEL PRODUCTIONS “Don’t start mumbling”, Sunday, March 10 at 20:00 .