Do you remember him? We we had fun! We can’t identify him-he Lost 110 pounds [video]

Alexander Note from the moment he was born ονειρεύοταν to become everything.
singer. In 2010 he went to the X-Factor 2, which was cut from the production.
But that didn’t deter at all, and again declared participation in X-Factor 3, managing to reach the final, winning all the impressions for his voice.
He spoke on the show all of a sudden and Olga Λαφαναζή for all, revealing how she’s lost 110 whole pounds -he weighed 200.
“I’m banged up too, because I had issue with my thyroid. I had a procedure in conjunction with diet and exercise and I lost,” said, among other things.
See all of what he said in the video that follows, and the incredible change: