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“Dissolved families Larissa teachers”: Bang Some for the active reduction of αποσπάεσων

In several high – and rather unusual for the temperament of the – tons, the former chairman and current member of the administration of the…
Association of Teachers of Primary Education of Larissa mr. Dimitris Some, put by the ministry of Education on the occasion of the forthcoming reduction in the number of postings that will be made this year.
So, as he explains in a post on social media, “dissolve families Larissa teachers”.
Specifically, he writes the following: “Dwindling hopes of Larissa Primary Teachers for secondment from other Departments of the country, in the Prefecture of Larissa.
The political leadership of the Ministry of Education has come up for tomorrow in a very small number of secondments for the whole of the country.
Yesterday’s “protectors” in Larissa of τριτέκνων, δίτεκνων and, more generally, of families, the silence deafening, the moment that dissolve families.
The gentlemen were – in addition to a the year 2013 – consistently with posting in the Prefecture of Larissa.
The power-sharing SYRIZA-ANEL shows the most hard-callous face of teachers”.

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