Dismantled gang of thugs in Corfu


    More than 30 robberies of the police investigation of Corfu with the arrest of 3 hoodlums who had set up the illegal activity on the trading firm of charcoal.

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    A parcel bomb has exploded at the Swiss embassy in Athens. Police say the device was thrown into the courtyard of the building, but there are no reports of injuries or deaths. It comes amid heightened security in the Greek capital, after a mail bomb exploded at a delivery company on Monday. A suspicious package was also found at the Bulgarian and Chilean embassies. RT on Facebook: www.facebook.com RT on Twitter: twitter.com

    On the frontier between Turkey and Greece euronews has taken a look at the work of Turkish frontier troops. Nearby is the external border of the European Union. And it is full of holes. Night after night dozens of people manage to get across illegally. Among them many trying to escape poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia …. www.euronews.net Video Rating: 5 / 5

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