DISAPPOINTMENT: they Found the remains of the “monster” of the Loch Ness monster?

    The remains of the familiar with characteristic, long neck, were identified to a depth of 180 metres, at the bottom of lake Loch Ness. Finally, we found the monster, even dead? No, it was not only the effigy of Nessie that was used decades ago in the shooting of a film, as revealed today a new scientific research.
    “During the operation Groundtruth was a well-known creature. Even though it has the form of Nessie, it’s not going to be the remains of the monster that has enthralled the world for over 80 years, but for another star of the big screen,” said a representative of the Tourism Organization of Scotland, slightly disappointed by this development.
    The Tourism Organization was there to support this –the umpteenth– attempt to identify the monster and the solution to the mystery.
    An underwater robot, the Munin, that was equipped with sonar devices, gave the scientists the ability to explore many points of the famous lake, which nobody had been able to reflect on the past. One of the photos that caught the robot made sense: he was showing a recognizable figure, lying on the seabed, at a depth of 180 meters.
    Unfortunately, it is just a movie mock-up of a length of 9 meters, which sank after the shooting of the film “The adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Billy Wilder, 1970.
    The mystery remains αξεδιάλυτο. No one has managed to prove that he actually saw the Nessie, a kind of marine dragon, the legend of which dates back to the 17th century. Very regularly, but there is talk of a new “appearance” of the monster, and countless theories are still circulating in scientific and non-circles. In 2006, for example, after two years of research, a Scottish paleontologist concluded that Nessie was nothing but a trained elephant circus people saw him swimming in the lake. Others speak about a giant eel or even a alien spaceship at the bottom of the lake.