Dimitris Koutsumbas with photos of advertisements for “sugar daddies” in Parliament

With photos from the sugar daddies platforms and complaints about “the rottenness of capitalism” replied the Secretary General of the Communist Party , to the parties calling on him to apologise for yesterday’s sexist report that “the people will look for sugar daddies to pay tuition at the Universities”. Mr. Koutsumbas chose to answer the plenary’s anniversary session on the Women’s World Day by saying that ‘the KKE you know never closed its eyes to exploitation. He always denounced her. He always revealed her by name. He did the same thing yesterday in Parliament. Why do some people seem shocked? Because what bothers you isn’t reality, it’s the complaint and its revelation. You don’t bother with everything that’s going on around us but you get annoyed when they come out and have you apologize for your rotten system. Why don’t you denounce the fact that circuits, whole companies are trying to exploit students and students in this way to pay the high tuition fees in their Schools in the countries of developed Europe.” Mr. Kutsubas, showing photographs from the Sugar Daddy platforms and related advertisements from Sweden and Denmark, said, ‘ Do you see them, ladies and gentlemen? I submit them to the Minutes” and fill out “these rotten human traffickingrs we denounced and not of course the female victims of the exploitation.” The Secretary-General of the Communist Party retaliated to the parties that called him “instead of denouncing all of them, you denounce the Communist Party, but that is your problem. Do not reveal this rot of your so-called beautiful angelically created world.” “We” said “we can address the young girls, look them in the eyes and invite them to go together in the struggles to shape cracks on the wall that stands the modern rot of capitalism”. Mr. Koutsumbas said that “as long as the Government of the NW, Syriza, PASOK, the New Left and others in here, on the occasion of today’s appearance of defenders of the rights of Women and the so-called Equality of Friends, they have formed a hell with his policies for Women of Labour, People’s Powers” and concluded: “Stop defending the rot, corruption, degeneration, economic dependence and exploitation of women. Yes, all of you in here are trying to hide that you stand up for guidelines EU guidelines that have a strategy against women and you are calling on them to reconcile.”