Died the cop that shot himself in the Traffic police of Attica

In mourning engulfed the family of the 31χρονου officer but…
and the police, the news that the unfortunate man succumbed to the injury late Thursday night (11.05.2016) at the 401 Military Hospital, where he was being treated.
The 31-year-old police officer, the afternoon of the same day he had shot himself in the head in the Road, Attica. Directly was taken to the hospital, but despite the superhuman efforts of doctors, he lost his battle for life at about 23:00 in the evening.
The head wound from the bullet was a through and through, and the doctors did what they could to save him, but it seemed impossible to keep him alive.
The officer, 31-year-old, father of a small child was shot under suspicious circumstances in his office, where he was in civilian dress, on the 3rd floor of the Traffic police, in the street Δηλιγιάννη.
According to what have become known so far, the captain called me to the office of the sergeant with whom they serve in the same service, and asked to see the gun.
He gave it to him and the 31-year-old was shot with a gun, without clarifying if it was a deliberate action or an accident, as sergeant suffered a strong shock and could not describe exactly what happened.
However, the officer, as it became known from police sources, had not brought a weapon of his own.