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(Title) Opponents of the program of austerity promoted by the German government flooded the streets in two towns in the country, while Chancellor Angela Merkel maintains that the cuts are vital.
In a major automotive city of Stuttgart, the protesters were holding signs with slogans in favor of increasing the maximum taxable limit rather than reducing social benefits. The event was organized by labor unions with the slogan “This is not social justice».
Such mobilization is planned for the afternoon and the capital Berlin.
In an interview to be presented tomorrow from the pages of the newspaper Bild am Zontagk, Merkel denied the accusations that it is the poor who are to bear the financial burden.
«Many people realize that we need to save money and reduce debt. The labor market measures aimed at ensuring more long-term jobs than in the past, “says Merkel.

The chancellor indicates that other areas are invited to share the burden.
« Along with the necessary cuts in social expenditure, companies are also invited to contribute mazy public authorities and administrative bodies, “says
Nevertheless, the Minister of Finance has requested to modify the austerity package in Parliament to include increases taxation on higher incomes.

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At the recent 5-day Integral Institute seminar on Integral Business Leadership, Ken Wilber was asked, by a senior Zen teacher, “What do you think of the Republican convention?” Ken responded by giving an overview of what a truly integral politics might look like, and used that to compare and contrast with the Democratic and Republican conventions, both of which are less-than-integral. We think that this twenty-minute summary is brilliant, insightful, deadly serious, and wickedly funny, all at once. But by all accounts it is an extraordinary account of why all politics today are considerably less-than-integral, along with certain features that almost certainly would have to be included in the future in any truly integral politics. In this synopsis, Ken focuses on three items that all political theories have attempted to address but none have managed to fully integrate. These are the tension between (1) the individual and the collective; (2) the source of the cause of human suffering: is the individual primarily to blame or is the society primarily to blame?; And (3) the different levels of development that the different political parties tend to represent: any truly integral politics would include and represent all of them, and yet how on earth do you do that? Due to time considerations, Ken did not discuss two other equally important ingredients in any integral politics. One. In representational democracies, people have a right to be at whatever stage of development they

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