Despina Vandi: On the side of Vassilis Bisbiki and tears in his eyes after his posting

She appeared on the set of J2US, but as Statina Tsimchili revealed, the singer cried just before she went on the air because of the suspension of her favorite. Vasilis Bisbikis, a few days ago, was taken to hospital with chest pains. As it appeared, he suffered 2 fences and needed 2 surgical procedures to place stents. On Saturday, March 9, 2024, the actor was discharged from the private clinic and returned home with Despina Vandi. On Monday morning, March 11th, she revealed on the set of her show that the singer just before she went out on air in Just the 2 of Us, in which she participated, burst into tears watching her partner’s suspension. More specifically, Statina Tsimchili said: “Because now all the information is out, I can tell you that on Friday when I revealed a background to you when Espresso’s front page was released, that we had the story from the first night. That first night that Vasilis Bisbikis felt the inconvenience and went to the private sanitarium, it happened to us and he was one of our people and he even took some photos that we would never play because it’s personal data. In these photographs, Despina Vandi seemed visibly nervous and moved, there on the chairs that have taken her man and she is waiting… Our information tells us that he was all around him and he first went to downgrade what happened, she insisted that they go see it and eventually everything went well.” “And now I will reveal to you another background from J2US. She’s ready, painted by Despina to start the show. And at that time, Vasilis Bisbikis posts, wanting to show his love and gratitude. And she’s stepping on some tears, Despina, from the suspension, she was emotionally charged with everything she went through. Think of it as a mess from the makeup, it was very emotionally charged…” the presenter added. During all these difficult hours on his side, Despina Vandi was not missing, who on Friday night informed her social media… “A relative inconvenience exists, but everything is fine. This is the important thing,” Despina Vandi said. As broadcast by Super Katerina: “On Saturday Vassilis Bisbikis returned home again, having taken the discharge early in the morning. The great adventure with his health has passed! Everything’s under control. His nutritionist said he should watch his diet and everything will be fine.”