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Dendias: “We used Turkish aggression as a ‘weapon’ against Turkey itself”

The promotion of a new concept in Greek foreign policy with a multi-level thematic and geographical diplomatic effort was highlighted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The promotion of a new concept in Greek foreign policy with a multi-level thematic and geographical diplomatic effort was highlighted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, at the web event organized by the Council for International Relations (Greece) on “Discussion on the Greek High Strategy “The Foreign Policy Dimension”.

Answering the panel questions, the Minister outlined the main pillars of an extroverted national plan and referred to Greek-Turkish relations, the Balkans, relations with the United States, the promotion of cooperation with friends and partners in the wider region and multilateral cooperation schemes. the law of the sea and the delimitations of the EEZ and the continental shelf, the role of Greece in shaping EU decisions, the revitalization of bilateral relations with NATO and EU partners and allies, but also in the reform effort to modernize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by upgrading others in public diplomacy.

Among other things, Mr. Dendias pointed out regarding the Greek-Turkish relations: “Given the potential of the country, its geopolitical footprint and its geographical position, I must say that we are quite happy for what has been achieved. two years of Mitsotakis rule “.

“We believe that as far as it could be dealt with, a great Turkish aggression, a neo-Ottomanism not really known to us until now,” he noted, adding: “We could and did use Turkish aggression as a ‘weapon’ against Turkey itself, that is, Turkey itself helped us to create understandings and alliances. “

“We are optimistic that with the same tactics and constant mobility we will be able to broaden our horizons and finally create what is the absolute demand for the country, which is the conditions of security and prosperity.”

Concluding, the Minister underlined that the development of the foreign policy is undoubtedly contributed by the developing economy that strengthens the country’s visibility and influence, the diplomatic activity in accordance with international law and the international legal order that makes Greece a quasi-example for other countries and bridges. the EU and, of course, national solidarity.

The discussion was moderated by the professor of the University of Piraeus Christos Hadjiemmanuel and also participated, professors K. Lavdas, K. Botsiou and P. Sklias.

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