Demolished 3 illegal taverns in the Ropes

The first three of the eight arbitrary taverns on the beach of Schinias are past…
Crews of the Decentralized Administration proceeded “quietly” last week in demolition, in the presence of strong police force. The challenge is now to take place as soon as possible the demolition, and the other, in order to avoid the referral of the country to the european courts.
The eight taverns have been erected illegally in a decision for the reforestation area and have finally found κατεδαφιστέες since 1999. Their function, in spite of the decisions of the courts and the Council of State, and the perennial interventions of the General Inspector of Public Administration, continued by 2014. In the summer of that year, the then leadership of the ministry of Environment, Yiannis Maniatis, Nikos Tagaras) included in the N. 4280/14 setting with which “legalized” the operation of the arbitrary taverns for six months. The time elapsed last February, however the City of Marathon gave them a license of operation by the end of 2015. But in the case intervened by the European Commission, as well as the arbitrary taverns are located in the “heart” of the National Park of Schinias – Marathon. As revealed by the “K” (25.10.15), the community authorities have warned that Greece will be referred soon to the european courts if we don’t proceed immediately to the demolition.
Finally, the Decentralized Administration of Attica, together with the Department Inspectors, Building and Demolition of the ministry of Environment started in the beginning of December, the demolition of the first three (Vessels, Dionysus, Γλαράκι), which were not in operation. The demolition, completed last Friday with the removal of the last debris, funded by the Decentralised Administration and the Green Fund.
“We don’t have empathy with their ταβερνιάρηδες. We just want to apply the law and the ruling of the Coe,” says the president of the management body of Schinias – Marathon Grace Καμπεζίδης. “The demolition of the taverns is a key theme in the “folder” that has been opened against our country by the European Commission”. The outrageous thing is that one of the five restaurants that have left moved on the days of demolition… in the construction of a new arbitrary construction.
The Greek Company of Environment and Culture, which has for years been campaigning for the protection of the national park of Marathon – Schinias, greece, welcomes the developments. “We have to go all the tavernas by the beach of Schinias because it is illegal,” says vice president John Michael. “It’s not residential and do not belong to those who manage, but in the Building Cooperative of Greek Judges – Prosecutors, which is inactive. Because of the taverns, in the spring and then the beach area and a part of the forest are transformed into a huge parking lot, in order to have access to these with the car. So it fills the area with trash, destroyed the great sand dunes, the forest can not regenerate, and led to a slow death”.
Now the Department Inspectors Construction and Demolition waste the MINISTRY of environment is trying to organise the demolition of the other five. The agency has asked, in writing, to the Municipality of Marathon, not to renew the operating license for the taverns and the seal (informing and the General Inspector of Public Administration Leandros Ρακιντζή). Requested from the Mortgage Service to remove the 210 umbrellas that have πακτωθεί illegally on the beach. And from the forest service to complete the protocols of demolition, recording the new wrongdoings of taverns. According to the information of “K”, the community services request to end the case by spring at the latest.