Demis Nikolaidis for Mars – AEK: “It was up to the Union, but it often sits after the first goal”

The lost two points in the derby with Mars in the 26th Super League 1 race, as he accepted the tie in the delays and noted the Union’s problem in this year’s games. Commenting on the games of racing in Super League 1, Demis Nikolaides also analyzed Mars – AEK on the Monday FC show of Nova channels, pointing to the lost lead in several Union games. Quote of Nikolaides’ comments on AEK “It was 100% AEK case. It was up to her toy. We’ve seen the AEK several times since the first goal sitting. Last year he didn’t do that. AEK came in pretty well, but when he started sitting, Mars started to climb. Mars didn’t play terribly. AEK was very good when she played. He did it again as soon as he left behind in the score. AEK’s over the match with her backing down. AEK doesn’t have a clear mind, maybe, or he doesn’t hold the ball. They finish the games in its small area and receive goals at the end. AEK is like having blank spaces and paying them.” Demis Nikolaidis comments on every game the league games on Nova channels.