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(Title) The ‘pressure’ exerted by the European Union and the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights launch developments in the matter of religious oath. Spearheaded the harmonization of the country with European practice. In this context, the Ministry of Justice opens the chapter on oath, provided in our law for witnesses in the courts, jurors and parties, investigative procedures, experts, and persons who occupy positions in government offices. Substance in recent years, judicial practice is not rigid, and steps have been taken to amend the provisions of Civil Procedure.

Witnesses, for example, before oath taken asked if they want to give religious or political oath, a simple, ie, the price and assured their reputation. Question remains, however, all persons who occupy public office and especially the President of the Republic and Members. For provisions relating to political figures need to be amended or repealed a constitutional review.
However under the current constitution, the freedom of religious conscience allows both the President of the Republic and Members to deny the religious oath as Moreover, in recent years, many do. For example, the recent inauguration in the House, members were loyal to religious oath, whether Christians or Muslims, some not lifted their hand during the procedure and several who did not attend. Two deputy ministers of government have given the religious oath, N. Sifunakis (Infrastructure) and S. Kouvelis (Foreign), while taking the oath as members of government not the extra-parliamentary oath: G. Papakonstantinou (Finance Minister), D. Droutsas (Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs) and deputy Panaretos C. (Education) and Fofi Gennimata (Health). As always, members of SYRIZA came in the room after the religious party, while members of the Communist Party, with the exception of Liana Kanellis, refused to lift their hand at the time of the oath.

Indeed that the situation in our country is more complex as there are close links between Church and State. In most European countries with a rich tradition of religious influence, imposed conditions of separation at all levels (eg France, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany. Even in Ireland, where 93% of people say Catholics not foreseen in the constitution of the state religion).
The current law allows Greek Orthodox Christians, if you want-not to give a religious oath in the courts or agencies, like those who say they do not believe in any religion ( atheists). The discovery of religious identity is on the European court of violation of religious freedom of the individual.

«The abolition of the religious oath is not a problem in the Church” has been the archbishop has told Mr. Jerome said in an interview is allocate to Kathimerini Sunday.
«However, it is a result of teaching, whereby yes be yes and no, no,” said Mr. Jerome, in response to the question whether the Church should reconsider the issue of religious oath that give politicians and civil servants.

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