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(Title) 48chronos The Russian expert on nuclear weapons, Alexander Pikagief, was found dead in his apartment in a seaside holiday complex in Malta.
The Pikagief found last Wednesday, but only today became known identity.
Malta Police investigating the circumstances surrounding the death and does not exclude the possibility that it is murder.
However, as was known by the authorities, both are expected to complete the investigation process and results of the dissection.
Various circles believe that the death of Pikagief may have been accidental and as a dent in the door of the apartment is probably due to a blow which caused his head tumbling to the floor.
Also, there are no traces of burglary in the apartment.

The first autopsy showed that he suffered head injuries and internal bleeding.
The Pikagief was an internationally recognizable personality specializing in weapons of mass destruction.
have dealt with the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
In addition, it was one of the Russian specialists who often have adopted or signed statements on these issues.
He was the director of “Department of Disarmament and Settlement Conflict of the Institute for International Economics and International Relations, based in Moscow.

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