Deadline for MOT to December 31, How much is the fine for violators

Deadline as 31 December are given to the owners of vehicles that have not passed through MOT in order to not incur the fine of 150 euros, as provided for in… the Joint Ministerial Decision of the deputy minister of Finance Tryphon Alexiadis and the minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Christos Σπίρτζη.
The fine will be imposed after the deadline to those who are identified through the electronic crossover may not have passed through the technical inspection, the vehicle for a period of six months.
The decision provides that the fine shall not be imposed on owners of registered in Greece vehicles for which up to one month from the entry into force of law. 4336/2015, i.e. until 14th September 2015, elapsed time of at least six months from the closing date to carry out technical control, if present these in a MOT for a periodical check up to 31.12.2015.
In particular, the JMD gives you one last opportunity to vehicle owners to avoid the fine, it describes the process of electronic crossover for the identification of offenders and heralds the first electronic “notes” in February, when it will be posted in the “personalized information of Taxisnet and will be recovered, if not paid, the procedures of the Code of Public Revenue Collection.
This means that on the one hand, to a fine of 150 euros will be imposed increases, and on the other, that will be the due plus debt to trigger seizures or any loss of adjustment.