Dead infant in Patras: What the forensic examination showed – Histological

The autopsy – necropsy was completed in just 2.5 months of the well-known family of entrepreneurs by . The cause of the baby’s death remains unclear. The Patras Forensic Service now sent tissues to laboratories to be tested histologically, since the autopsy did not show any apparent pathological cause of infant death in Patras. According to, parents, a well-known business family of car dealers, mourn the loss of only 2.5 months of their child. It is recalled that the couple found their baby in the cradle with no sensations and pulse, late Saturday night, March 9 and immediately in the PGI in Rio. The doctors on the outside, seeing that the baby had no tightness, had a resuscitation and for a few minutes brought it back. They moved it after a while to the pediatric clinic, but the baby couldn’t handle it.

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