David Cameron’s Conservative conference speech in full

David Cameron’s Conservative conference speech in full
Read a full transcript of David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.
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Vassilis leventis is a politician, founder of the Union of Centrists, Enosi kedroon. On March 1993 , the authorities are closing down his station channel 67. On his last legendary performance, he is cursing the leaders of the two major Greek political parties, Mitsotakis and Papandreou to death, for sabotaging and closing his station with the use of police forces . His language can be very colorefull but truthful , when he refers to frauds and the exploitation committed by the officials of the two major political parties in Greece , Nea Dimokratia & PASOK WHO IS Vassilis Leventis ————————————- Vassilis Leventis (born 1951, Messinia, Greece) is the fourth child of Apostolos and Gregoria Leventis. Leventis family moved to Piraeus where he graduated from high school and in 1969 was admitted to the Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens In a 1992 congress he decided to found the Union of Centrists The Union of Centrists is a political party in Greece without parliamentary representation. The party was founded by Vassilis Leventis in 1992 under the title “Union of Centrists and Ecologists”…. , which strove to become “the political continuance of the centrist expression in Greece”. Leventis aimed to become part of the legacy of some great politicians of the past, such as Eleftherios Venizelos Vasilis Leventis expresses his political opinion through his Antidiaplok√ɬ≠ weekly newspaper and his TV show that has been hosted in
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