Danny Alves: Salos with his suicide rumors, his brother publicly broke out

Rumors of him running around the internet raised a huge storm of reactions, with his brother the veteran footballer breaking out publicly for his words. Specifically on Saturday night (10/03/24) Brazilian journalist Paulo Albuquerque posted on his personal twitter account the news that Danny Alves has committed suicide in Brians 2 prisons where you are being held, but he himself soon afterwards wanted to report that the news was not about the known footballer, but about a relative. As it makes sense this publication caused great turmoil with the world not being able to cross-reference whether the scripts were real or not. Shortly thereafter his brother Danny Alves Nay, wanted to send his own message and publicly break out for what is reported about his brother, even stressing that lawsuits will be made. – Ney Alves, immão de Daniel Alves, em seu Instagram, sobre o boato da mort# do jugador. “Quanta crueldade do ser humano! Quanta crueldade do ser humano! Condenaram meu virmão pela fala de uma mulher que adentrou o banheiro masculino. Fazer o qê; Só la e ele sabem. Quantas… — LIBERTA DEPRE (@liberta__depre) It is worth noting that Danny Alves is serving a 4,5-year prison sentence imposed on him by the court after his conviction for sexual assault on a woman at a Barcelona nightclub in 2022.