Cyta: Calls for the sale of Cyta Hellas

Through a confidential letter, which was sent to the minister of…
Finance, Thanks to Georgiadis, on 5 April, the BOARD of directors of Cyta shall inform the data and thoughts with regard to the scenario of the sale of Cyta Hellas.
This reports the cypriot site inbusinessnews.en specifying that the letter, signed by the chairman of the BOARD of directors of Cyta, Christos Patsalidis shall notify the minister that the BOARD of directors decided on the sale of Cyta Hellas as a separate entity independent of the swap CYTA, why it is considered justifiable and advantageous, and clearly consistent with the existing operational and strategic planning of CYTA. And concludes “in view of the outcome, the BOARD asks you a question to take the necessary political decisions and the further handling of the matter”.
The BOARD of directors in a letter on 5 April clearly explains the position of the separate sale of Cyta Hellas. while it is noted that a few days after the Cyta Hellas belied related topic for a separate sale of Cyta, which was written in the So while the D.Of directors of the company had taken the relevant decision, and on 5 April he had sent the letter to the minister, to proceed with the necessary political decisions, a few days the company denied publicly any such development.
In the letter, it is stressed that two main reasons lead to the application of the scenario separate sale of Cyta Hellas, the two pillars on which is based the intention of the BOARD of directors of Cyta is:
1. The, at times, expressions of interest from telecommunications companies for Cyta Hellas.On this issue the InBusinessNews revealed the interest but also the informal contacts that have already occurred with the company Wind.
2. The fact that the bills for the swap CYTA withdrawn from the House of Representatives. It is noted that the letter to the minister of Finance was sent before the Plenary of the Parliament to pass laws for the suspension of the law of privatisation.