Cyprus – Tatar: Solution of the Cyprus problem with two states – Military presence and guarantees of Turkey

Polls show more than 80% of Turkish Cypriots in favor of two separate states, according to Turkish Cypriot leader

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said polls show that more than 80% of Turkish Cypriots are in favor of two separate states.

He added that a significant part of those who defend the federation solution believe that there will be two federal states in it, on the basis of equality, as he said, but this, he added, does not apply in reality, as federation means the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus.

Tatar said he sincerely wants an agreement in Cyprus based on equality and realities, as he said, and claimed that there have been two separate states in Cyprus for 60 years and no one can deny it.

He said some were trying to pull the Turkish Cypriots back before 1974, even before 1960, and wondered if his “people” would accept a solution with zero soldiers and no guarantees.

Meaning the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation troops and the abolition of the unilateral invasive rights of the guarantor powers (Greece, Turkey, Britain).

According to the Turkish Cypriot leader, what the Greek Cypriot side understood from the federation and confirmed, as he said directly from reports by President Anastasiadis, is the continuation of the current Republic of Cyprus.

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