Cut the emission of Yiannis Petridis BY RADIO FROM ALL OF NET.MPRAVO GELOIOUS of ERT and above all Karagiozis PAUL Geroulanos

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    (Title)  While ERT renews his contract was Spiros Papadopoulos FOR OUR HEALTH PROGRAM … WITH THE COST OF ALL episodes of more than 50,000 … MAJOR HEAD OF STATE TELEVISION AND RADIO, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF PAUL YP.POLITISMOU Geroulanou, cut the Longest THE GREEK RADIO PROGRAM.
    Everybody DP draw their own conclusions.

    As much as it resembles the incredible news, the longest-running radio show in the Greek titles throws fee. The administration of ERT has decided not to renew their contracts expire at the end of the month, including these and Yiannis Petrides, whose name is virtually synonymous with the Greek junta radio.

    the title of a leading national radio producer is rather short for the scope of Petrides, one of the 500 judges of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and holder of one of the largest collections of world records. The show continues to broadcast the same (almost) time and the same frequency from 1975 to today, the result of the obsession for good music and especially its dissemination. Declined in the past the sirens of private radio in order not to lose the nationwide scope of ERT and remained faithful to a life work, similar to international level by that of John Peel at the BBC.

    recently celebrated 35 years of continuous presence and has once again promised to be present to “keep both feet in of. You thought in no case was hastily adjourned on 30 June, ie just five emissions now.

    The fact that the “Petridis taught me to listen to music” is probably the most banal statement for my generation and beyond. Especially for those who grew up in the province at the time there was no internet or music magazines (except Pop & Rock to one month late). So we all stuck on the radio every day at 4 and then the endless conversations about friends lists and the comments of John. Frustration when the best of the year there were our favorites, celebrations and treats otherwise. No surprise when coincidentally after years I found him at the table. Simple and direct as the microphone with just interested in him is to hear the views of others, accepting stoically and even our obsession.

    Obvious reason for the stop there. The show’s still the same standards and largely keeps any audience levels of the state radio (the last years is a broadcaster and Tuesday). Hopefully this is a bureaucratic misunderstanding will be corrected before June 30 and will have to be suspended for a day or a program that has survived so many governments, administrations of ERT and overall strains. If the ERT decided to terminate the contracts of music producers and to review, not only will have to include Petrides in this process, but to award it.


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    Image by rafeejewell

    Image by rafeejewell

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