Cut the bad habits that threaten your career

    Who of us wants to take his career to the next stage? Who doesn’t want to become professionally? Who doesn’t want to…
    build a professional profile?
    The majority surely will give positive answers to the above questions. This is the reason that Forbes magazine presents a series of mistakes which everyone should avoid, if we want to protect our reputation and our professional reputation in the workplace.
    These are examples to avoid, which is independent of the periods of low productivity that we can all experience in our professional field. These are mistakes which should not to fall out, if we want to become the right hand of the director to us, or if we want to increase the earnings.
    So we need to put an end to a series of bad habits, which most of the people we follow in the office, even if many times we don’t understand. Just end, then, only a good impression can do to your colleagues.
    To avoid examples of poor professional behaviour is the following:
    – Don’t isolate yourself.
    Even if you have too much work don’t need to work even at break time or lunch. It is better to spend a little time with your colleagues and get to know each other better and to forget your mind, even for a few minutes, from the workload.
    If you don’t do this to me, cutting me out yourself from your colleagues, even if you do it for the sake of boosting your productivity. This tactic will not work in your favor.
    If you show your colleagues that you have time for them, then they will find time for you.
    – Don’t blab.
    Workplace without gossip is not done, but it’s certainly not in anybody’s interest. Rumors are circulating from one office to another with the… speed of light, and more often than not have no direct relationship with the professional performance of the other.
    You definitely don’t want a bad comment which you made, to… returned to you. A quick answer: “I don’t feel comfortable discussing something like this” when you start spreading a comment, or a gossip about a colleague, only to benefit can. Besides, if you give such an answer, you give automatically, and a good lesson to all of you who love gossip, you have to stop to do it.
    – Don’t reveal everything about your personal life.
    Speaking of rumors, one way to θωρακιστείς in the face of these is not to provide excessive information and details about your personal life. The friendships in the workspace is necessary, however you don’t need all your colleagues to learn the most… deep, dark secrets or one-to-one the points contained in the long list of errors which you have committed to the passage of your life. Always be friendly/friendly, but pull the necessary dividing line. Your colleagues don’t need to know everything about you!
    I don’t have a bad attitude.
    Good behaviour does not stop the repeated complaints that do for your personal life. It’s definitely unprofessional behavior, but it’s not the worst. An even more negative element is complaining constantly in front of your colleagues on issues relating to the work itself. If you do this you will gain the reputation of the complainer. And who will ultimately trust a complainer to give him a promotion? If you have a problem at work, try to find the solution. Try to control your behavior…