Crete: 16 year old got his younger sister pregnant – Incest incident in Rethymno

From her 16-year-old brother she stayed a minor in . The two brothers are reportedly stating to the authorities that the sexual act was done with the consent of both. More specifically, according to Creta24, a 14-year-old reportedly pregnant by her 16-year-old brother in Crete. The same information states that the incident that causes shock to the local community in Rethymnon has been notified by the doctors. In the unprecedented incest incident, the president of police officers of Southeast Attica, George Kalliakmanis, was mentioned. In particular, as Mr. Kalliakmanis said in Star, the two of them are treated as saying in love. In addition, minors, according to the same information, told police that the sexual act was done with both consent. However, it is not a matter of consensus, as they are both minors. Moreover, the Incest Act is violated.