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(Title) War has broken out recently between the government and the pharmaceutical industry. The cause of the Finance Minister to reduce up to 27% on drug prices, which should put a brake on the uncontrolled action of pharmaceuticals.
The introduction of new listing price seems displeased with large pharmaceutical companies, which, when where everything falls apart, keep soaring profits, without being affected by the economic crisis.
In fact, going so far as to cause market disruption drug taking as a means of pressure to withdraw their products, arguing that the available are detrimental to themselves, whether such action affected patients. Typical is the Danish Novo Nordisk, which was the first company went on to recall 17 products whose prices considered unprofitable, causing the reactions of thousands of diabetics in Greece. According to information from the “MTK”, the suit are preparing to follow two other companies.
Health Agencies note that such action is coercive, as the company was required to report three months earlier on the withdrawal of products and ensure that it has reserves for the quarter. However, not only did not, but even if stocks do not sell, because if you cut even one invoice with the new reduced price, you will immediately become the reference price for other European countries, which will require reduce the price of that product in their country.
The government fears that withdrawn everyday use, but is likely to be re-used in different packaging, different brand and significantly higher price, regularly followed at times by various companies. However, this is not as easy as it requires time-consuming.

The Heights has fired the pharmaceutical expenditure, which, from 2.43 billion euros in 2004 reached 6.6 billion euro in 2009. Indeed, the financial results of companies in the pharmaceutical industry reflect a drain on national wealth. As shown by a recent study Hellastat, analyzing the financial statements of 113 companies in the industry for the year 2008, 2008 o aggregate turnover reached 6.15 billion and the average change in sales was higher than the average Greek company (12.9% vs 3.1%). The vast majority of companies (87) were profitable, while all companies in the sample gross profit margin stood at 33,9%.
Was an impressive return on equity of companies, although declining from 30.4 % 2007 to 23,5%. The yield is 7.34 times the average of the Greek economy (3,2%).

According to information from the finance ministry for many years the process of determining prices left many shadows and questions. To be priced and released a product in the Greek market is not taken into account prices in 26 countries-EU members, as required by law, but usually four or five countries and at most eleven countries. The rates of leaf R values were written by … pencil, and identified and Tampering (pharmaceutical products, whose price was not justified by current prices in member countries).
In addition, the prices of generic fixed at a very high percentage (80%) of the selling price the corresponding original. The department responsible for the pricing of medicines was not even available to the scientific staff of such specialization. Feature is the fact that until now has never been taken by the General Secretariat of Commerce data from Hungary, the country in recent years has been Europe’s best performance in terms of depressing prices.
Result, the country us is, until recently one of the three most expensive countries in Europe in terms of prices of medicines and the third most expensive country in the world to generics.
In addition, pharmaceutical companies have not complied with the law 3457/2006, under which it must pay per quarter to fund the insurance 3% of turnover, which makes the fund in each product. As revealed by Labour Minister Andreas Loverdos, only the 2009 debt is 92 million, which made only 24 million.

As announced by Finance Minister Luka Katseli, quickly completed the creation of an objective database Drug Price Monitoring, which will run from September 1, enhancing the transparency of procedures and institutions involved in the pricing of pharmaceuticals.
The database of prices of pharmaceutical products 45.000 available in EU countries ready. For the collection of prices of pharmaceutical products from all member countries of the EU first used data from official data states (for example, insurance agencies, health organizations), while certified all the rules for conversion of prices (eg exchange rates, conversion to the ex-factor values, etc.) So Today the whole process is based on data which it sent the same pharmaceutical companies, with the known effects of soaring drug costs.
According to the Ministry of Economy, the prices of pharmaceutical products identical active substance and formulation of a fixed maximum 72% of the selling price of the corresponding original, compared to 80% as far.
In addition, up to implement the Watch List, valid from May 3 Market Police transitional provision for the immediate containment of pharmaceutical expenditure funds.

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By Nikoleta Buka

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