Costas Hatzis: Sleeping on the benches, going to a steam bath to wash up

For the difficult times he lived when he was forced to stay homeless but for his sons who, as he said, were imprisoned because they are Jehovah’s Witnesses, he spoke on the show “Better Slowly”. “My sons have done time because they are Jehovah’s Witnesses,” revealed Costas Hatzis in Athenian Nega and then confessed some of the difficult moments of his life. “The opposite of Omonia was Kotopouli and there was a tavern in the corner, where you ate pasta with sauce and bread with 2.20 and another 2.20 at 4 in the morning. I had 60 minutes left to get cigarettes, and when I saw a well-dressed man smoking, I waited for him to throw away the cigarette and go and collect it,” he described. “But what I missed most was washing. I’ve been sleeping on the benches, and I might not have eaten in three days. I was going to a hammam and gave a nickel to wash, I really needed it,” he revealed for the period when he was homeless in downtown Athens. “When I came here, even my tribe had trouble with me, because I was not born into the tribe. The others read things from me that were not expected of a gypsy. They had to spend some years to love me,” confessed Kostas Hatzis. He did not hide his bitterness for behavior, describing how he lived his concert at Herodion. “Last year Herod concluded the season with me, while I was banned for 68 years. That was awesome. When I came out on stage, I told them humorously that I was afraid because it was the first time he sang Gypsy there, in case there was an earthquake.”

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