Coronavirus: Vaccination in neighborhood pharmacies approved

The “green light” was given by the National Committee for Vaccinations so that the anti-inflicting is done in neighborhood pharmacies. Thus, soon citizens will be able to make the vaccine against coronavirus in a pharmacy as is done with the flu vaccine, since the competent National Committee for Vaccinations meeting yesterday (5.2.24), gave its – in principle – approval. As the information from reports, the competent scientists who advise the Ministry of Health and the government on vaccination issues decided by majority that it is safe, but also important to take the big step and vaccination program “Freedom” to move to the Pharmacy. As long as conditions and conditions are laid down, details to be specified at the next meeting. “It is very important for COVID-19 vaccination to go to the Pharmacy,” says Professor Pediatrics, George Christos, who is also a member of the Committee on Vaccinations. “We were consulted by the chairman of the National Committee for Vaccinations Mrs. Theodoridou and the majority said that the Pharmacy should participate. I said yes. Although I recognize that this may not be liked by some doctors,” the doctor notes by talking to Please note that in order to begin the vaccination of coronavirus in pharmacies, the Ministry of Health must first proceed to specific legislative arrangements, but also complete the interconnection of pharmaceutical information systems with the National Register of Vaccinations of HEDika. However, Mr Georgiadis recently stated that vaccination will take place in pharmacies, only on medical prescription. ‘To facilitate citizens and increase vaccination’ Coronavirus vaccination has not progressed satisfactorily this year, which the government attributed to the ‘vaccination fatigue’ of the population. Thus, the Ministry of Health – as the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades himself has said – will proceed to the use of the network of 10,500 pharmacies throughout the Territory, to increase vaccinations, through the facility that will provide citizens with direct access to the neighborhood pharmacy. “I think, in the way society is structured in Greece, pharmacists do Primary and can do for some simple things. So they can administer vaccines, it’s not a big deal to inject them. And we need to use the pharmacists everywhere and more to get messages about vaccination into the population,” says George Hroussos. The government’s intention is to establish a fee for pharmacists, up to EUR 5 per vaccine charged to the citizen, as Mr Georgiades has said. However, the government has pledged to maintain all vaccination channels in public and free structures, so that the choice for the citizen to be vaccinated free of charge, if he wishes. Vaccinations in Pharmacopoeia: Doctors react The “moving” of the vaccination program “Freedom” to pharmacies has caused the immediate reaction of the Panhellenic Medical Association (PIS), which by letter raised a number of issues concerning both the issue of citizen burden and safety issues in pharmacies. The Health Ministry opposes that COVID-19 vaccination has now passed into pharmacies in many countries of Europe and scientists have advised that this is safe. Professor Hrusos argues that pharmacists must prepare, but adds that they can cope with this role. “It must have the Pharmacy to administer on the spot antiallergic if something happens, an allergy to a vaccine. The pharmacist should be able to give the injection he needs on the spot. They must also know the complications of vaccines, that is, they need a little training, so that they can deal with anything that exists. Nothing else. The pharmacists have a lot of experience and can do them,” concludes Professor of Pediatrics Mr.Hrusos. What pharmacists say The pharmacists argue, however, that there is a protocol to deal with the possibility of allergic reaction to coronavirus vaccine, such as that against influenza, which provides – among other things – that people with a history of allergy will not be vaccinated in pharmacies. They declare ready to take on the burden of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, with all its difficulties and particularities. Because cold chain conditions may no longer be required for the maintenance of the vaccine at -70°C, but still requires a professional refrigerator at 2 – 8°C, medical supervision to address even the very rare possibility of adverse reactions or allergic shock, but above all, a grouping of appointments, so that no doses are missed. One vaccine vial is known to serve 5 to 6 vaccinations that should be performed within 12 hours after opening the pack. Reportage: Janna Soulaki / Source:

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