Coronavirus: First on-call in hospital Evangelism without a positive case after four years

After 4 years of pandemic, for the first time the on-call in Evangelism was closed without any admission of a patient with Covid-19. The downward trend of coronavirus dispersal, after the major outbreak of cases late last year, is now evident even within the hospital. The numbers of new imports, as well as hospitalisations of patients with COVID-19 have retreated dramatically. It is typical that on Wednesday 6/2/2024 in hospitals throughout the country a total of 190 patients were hospitalized, while new imports were only 19. This does not mean, of course, that there will be no next wave of coronavirus, with an outbreak of cases and hospitals. However, the Governor of the “Evangelism” Hospital Anastasios Gregoropoulos rightly has reasons today to celebrate: “For the first time after 4 years we closed the call with zero imports of covid! I’m sure we can’t talk about the end of the pandemic, but it’s really promising. We will soon have more information to provide safe conclusions,” he said in his social media account. See post: Reportage: Janna Soulaki / Source:

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