Coronavirus: 1,001 new cases

596 cases in Attica – 81 cases in Crete !

The number of cases is again in the four digits, while the daily hospitalizations have increased – The number of intubated patients amounts to 177 while 9 patients died.

In the last 24 hours, the admissions of new patients amounted to 45, showing a daily increase of 36.3%. Also, 9 patients died, with a total of 12,731, while 177 are hospitalized by intubation.

More than half of the new infections (596) were detected in Attica, while Crete is causing concern with 81 cases, of which 45 in Rethymnon.

The areas with double-digit number of cases are the following: Ilia 26, Heraklion 26, Thessaloniki 22, Ioannina 46, Larissa 27, Magnesia 30, Rethymno 45, Chania 10.

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