Corinth: Ancients found outside a church – Traces of illegal excavations in the area

They were located in its area, perimeterd by holy temple. According to scientists, findings have significant historical and archaeological value. From the Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities of the Directorate of Security of Attica, antiquities were found in church surroundings in a region of Corinth. At the scene were traces of poaching. Ancient objects were examined by an archaeologist of the Corinthian Antiquities Institute, who advised that they fall under the protective provisions of the Antiquities Protection Act and are of significant historical and archaeological value. Antiquities are described as follows: 1. stone tombstone column of classical period (480 – 300 BC) 2. Stone relief probably Hellenistic or Roman period 3. marble head 4. stone architectural member with embossed form and 5. section of striped columns. Antiquities will be delivered for storage and final assessment at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Sicyon Corinth. A file has already been formed to be submitted to the District Attorney for Primary Corinth.

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