Corfu: This is the resolution that excludes from the churches Biagis and Avlonitis because of the same-sex couples

Salos has been caused by the resolution of the general seminary of the clergy of Orthodox Corfu, which excludes MPs Dimitris Biagis ( ) Christos Avlonitis (SYRIZA) because they voted marriage for same-sex couples. The PASOK issued a communication describing the decision ‘absolutely unacceptable and condemned’ and notes: “The announcement of the Metropolis of Corfu which puts out of church the MP of PASOK-Movement Change, Dimitris Biagis, as well as the MP of SYRIZA Christos Avlonitis, is absolutely unacceptable and condemned. The state has an inflexible duty to defend human rights without exception and to ensure the equality of all citizens. Actions, which invest in splits with micropartisan aims and target MPs to carry out their legislative tasks under the Constitution, obviously and are not consistent with the role of the church.” What the resolution says is that the Metropolitan of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios, raised the issue of the Church’s attitude after the passage of the law on same-sex couples. After discussion with the priests, unanimously the gathering resulted in an open letter – a resolution against two members of the island. In detail, the resolution “We priests and ministers of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu, who came to a regular seminary on Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at the Spiritual Centre of the Holy Metropolis, chaired by the Most High Metropolitan of Corfu, Paxos and Intercontinental Islands, Mr Nektarios, and after discussing the issues raised after the Greek Parliament passed the law on the marriage of same-sex couples, as well as on the right of birth, despite the strong reaction of the Church, political parties, as well as individual politicians who disagreed with the line of their parties which voted in favour of this bill, states clearly in all directions: 1. We regard the passed law as a reform for which the Greek people were not asked, because it was not a decision that had as its content the management of everyday issues, but it was a guarantee of a right which did not belong, as it appeared in the debate in the House, to the recognised by the universal provisions and judicial decisions “human rights”. His vote was a purely political decision. This is included in the mentality of the woke movement, which was unfortunately adopted by both the Greek government and the opposition, major and minor, and some other parties. It may be the law of the state, but we ask the Holy Council of the Church of Greece to consider any legal means available in a favoured state for its cancellation. 2. We express our deep regret that the two members of our county who belong to the opposition, even though they had been informed by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece by official letter that this bill demonstrates the positions and faith of the Orthodox Christian, but they voted in favour of it. They wronged spiritually heavily, either because they followed the “party discipline” or because they do not understand that to be a member of the Church she must follow—she obeys her teachings, not on a case-by-case basis, but on a whole, or, let alone, because they are convinced that marriage is a social ceremony and not a mystery and that the procreation of children does not have to take into account that a child must have a father and mother in the first place, but is independent of God’s and by nature the family’s recommendation. For us, therefore, these two Members cannot regard themselves as active members of the Church. But even if their conscience does not realize the weighty spiritual and moral slip, in which they fell, we must point it out to them and do so publicly. We therefore invite them to abstain from any church event, we do not believe that they are allowed to share the unspoiled mysteries and urge them to repent for their misdemeanor. We declare, however, that we will no longer give them any honor resulting from the relationship between the State and the Church at the official events, the parish cult gatherings and processions and invite them to assume their responsibilities. 3. We wholeheartedly congratulate the Member of the ruling party of our county, because he has shown the mind of an Orthodox Christian, has kept his conscience intact and, although we understand that he has been in a difficult position towards his party, we declare that he has our support for his act not to hide through his absence, but to publicly confess his faith by voting against the law. Such politicians, regardless of other beliefs, need in our country, who, in addition to serving the public on the basis of their ideas, who are politically respected, to keep the Greek Orthodox mind intact, to support the Greek family and the traditions. 4. We expect as children loyally from the Holy Council of the Church of Greece to indicate other ways of resisting such decisions, which were legally unnecessary and passed without taking into account the reaction of our people. We even note the recent decision of the Czech Parliament, a country which, although governed by high rates of atheism in its population, refused to recognise the marriage of same-sex couples, officially calling the relationship of such couples a ‘partner’ and rejecting the right to be born. On the contrary, to our great regret, we have found that our own state and political actors have rushed to celebrate after the adoption of the unacceptable bill, dividing our people even further. It is a shame to boast that Greece is the first “orthodox” country to pass such a bill. Rather, they are the ones who do not honor Orthodox faith and should not call upon it. ”